the international journal of computer game research volume 3, issue 2
december 2003
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Game Studies is a crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to games research, web-published several times a year at Our primary focus is aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games.

Our mission - To explore the rich cultural genre of games; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on games and gaming. 
On Virtual Economies

by Edward Castronova

Currently, several million people have accounts in massively multiplayer online games. The population of virtual worlds has grown rapidly since 1996; significantly, each world also seems to grow its own economy, with production, assets and trade with Earth economies ...


Sim Sin City - Some thoughts about Grand Theft Auto 3

by Gonzalo Frasca

There has been a lot of controversy about Grand Theft Auto 3 ( GTA3 ) mainly because of its extreme violence. Certainly, this game was not designed with children in mind ...


"I Lose, Therefore I Think" - A Search for Contemplation amid Wars of Push-Button Glare

by Shuen-shing Lee

This paper investigates a small group of computer games imbued with socio-political critique, putting forward perspectives and readings on design conventions and poetical observations in the game field ...


When Seams Fall Apart- Video Game Space and the Player

by Laurie Taylor

Much of the current critical and theoretical literature on new media, including video and computer games, assumes both the conceptual transparency of the video or computer screen and the absolute authority of a rational scientific order ...



Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown - Interactivity and signification in Head Over Heels

by Jan Van Looy

The aim of this paper is to investigate – through a close analysis of the 1987 puzzle game Head Over Heels – to what extent media objects can generate meaning by means of their interactive structure ...



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